Are there any 100% approval loans out there?

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I need trusted companies who offer loans to people with no credit. And please don't tell me to "save up" or "ask a relative, family, or friends". Been there, done that. I need it NOW. Thanks =)




  1. So you have bad credit, right? Doesn't matter. You still have a possibility of getting loans. You must take utmost care before taking out bad credit loans. Otherwise, the very loan may become a repayment burden and a new debt. Therefore, it is not wise to apply for the first such loan offer that comes your way you must do your<!--homework first and then go well prepared for the loan. First, take out all the copies of your credit report from all the three reputed agencies, instead of having the report from just one agency only. The loan provider may ask for the report from any agency.

    Check the report thoroughly for any inaccuracies in it. Make sure that all the past payments find a correct mention in it. Secondly, apply for the loans with an improved FICO score. Because of late payments, arrears-->payment defaults or CCJs in your name, your score has slumped. You should try to pay off some easier debts. Your rating will go up a bit in few months. This will help in winning the loan providers' confidence to some extent and the approval may be easier to come.

  2. Yes no problem to apply for the cash loans if you fulfill the requirements of the lender. But the interest rate is high. So get quotes from 6-7 lenders and then choose cheaper one.

  3. Nothing in life is 100 percent....sorry

  4. all loans if approved are 100% -- the only other is a disapproved loan!!! if you are over 18 and you have a checking account in good standing go to your bank and discuss your requirments with the loan officer!!!

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