Anything Wrong With having mystical Powers?

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  1. No,has long as the person does not misuse them .

  2. Not at all, but I have often been the subject or derision and prejudice for having mine.

  3. Depends what they are!

  4. no it would be cooL if u could but it would never happen to anybody

  5. Is there anything wrong with having eyes, ears, fingers, or generative organs?  Everyone has some form of psychic ability, just as everyone can learn to use Magick if it is their Will to do so.  As for the ethics of using them -- it is no different than anything else.  If it isn't appropriate to do something normally, it isn't appropriate to do it with Magick.  Beyond that -- nothing wrong with having them, and nothing wrong with using them.

    Let me clarify one thing -- psychic ability or Magick cannot violate the Laws of Physics.  You can't fly through the air, levitate objects, or cast Magic Missile doing 2d4 damage + your intelligence modifier, in Real Life.  These abilities work through Nature, not against it.

  6. nope!

  7. We all have many 'powers' (to use your term) that most of us choose not to use... often we ignore these talents when we're young, ignoring the mystical our parents tell us to ignore as 'not real.' But, some of us remember. It is not wrong to do that which you can do.

  8. No.. i think it would be amazing and cool

  9. lolz you're silly. Of course not I can move things with my mind. I thought I told you

  10. nope- completely ok i mean i can fly  

  11. although a lot of people would like to think that power is cool, a lot can go bad with having mystical powers, and in the past few hundred years, people have been getting them who are not meant to have them. so yes, there can be something wrong with having mystical powers.

  12. Nothing. Everything is wrong with claiming to have them.

  13. i believe in magical powers as long as you use them wisely

  14. Having them? No.

    Using them for mayhem? Yes.

    You could say the same of nuclear weapons.

  15. WTF?????????????????????????????????????...

  16. Power corrupts.

    Let's stick to equality?

  17. Nothing is wrong with having mystical powers, everything is wrong with thinking you have mystical powers.

  18. nothing is wrong with them or claiming to have them, it really annoys me when people say these things don't exist just because they have never seen them.

  19. i think it would be cool  

  20. Yes, irritating. Miss Tickle Powers are far worse than Mister Tickles Powers...She just don't stop.

  21. Nope...because that would be awesome...... I wished that I could be pyschic that could its cool to have mystical powers.........

  22. No. My mystical powers rock.

  23. no and if any1 says yes its because they dont believe in them

  24. no. but I'm gonna have mystical powers

  25. yes it would i am indigo i see ghost fill and hear them i can sometimes mack things happen like if i wanted someone to call i would thenk ther name and about them calling i sometimes know whut will happen befor it dus lol  i have weird dreams thet sort of come true can you do stuff like that emaill me ok bye

  26. I can spawn Tom Cruise with my own will.

  27. Mystical Powers? I think you don't have a clue about what you are talking. Mysticism has nothing to do with psychic or magical powers or whatever powers you were refering to.

    Mysticism is a higher philosophy of God, the adepts try to reach and touch the Divinity mostly by meditation, they try to achieve identity with the Godhead or the Supreme Being or whatever you like to call It.

    The mystics are seekers of Truth, researchers of the Divine, not some superheroes.

    Please, don't be such an ignorant and learn before you speak.


  28. No, and I think I would love to have mystical powers. It sounds pretty sweet.

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