Android to get PlayStation games via PlayStation Suite, Valve says no to Smartphones

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Android to get PlayStation games via PlayStation Suite, Valve says no to Smartphones
Sony are taking major steps to be the electronic entertainment brand in the market in the coming years as they plan on launching the PlayStation Suite.
The PlayStation Suite can be accessed using not only Sony products, but PlayStation-certified products as well. This means that Android users can also find themselves using the PS Suite application once it is released.
However, some or rather many of the readers must be wondering what all of this means. Basically, the PlayStation Suite looks to bring all your PlayStation needs onto one platform, which can be accessed from a multitude of devices.
It is what Sony is hoping will help PlayStation, as a brand, grow from just the PlayStation 3 console, the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation Portable and other Sony devices, to pretty much any device.
The Consumer Electronics company has announced that it will release a new Software Development Kit in the coming weeks which will allow developers the opportunity not only to make applications which will be available on the PlayStation Suite, but games as
The best part is that the developers will not have to worry about shipping costs due to the fact that the same PlayStation Suite will be available on every device, regardless of the format.
According to Sony, "The PS (PlayStation) Suite is an initiative solution to deliver the world of PlayStation to Android based portable devices. Through PS Suite SDK (Software Development Kit), content developers can create content for PlayStation Certified
(PS Certified) devices, hardware certified through the PS Suite license program, as well as for PlayStation Vita."
While this may be nothing new in the market, as Apple allows developers to create applications and games for their iPads and iPhones, and providing them with the iStore where they can do exactly what the PlayStation Suite aims to do, it is good news for
the industry.
Firstly, because it will provide Apple with the level of competition it has never had to face before. Secondly, because the applications which will be developed will cater to two platforms: Sony’s own devices as well as specific Android devices.
Sony continued, "PS (PlayStation) Suite SDK will not only help developers save their cost in creating new content but also allow them to efficiently create their content on one SDK and without having to create on several different SDKs."
Sony is expected to begin releasing PSone games on the platform and following that start adding more content. So Android systems can also have access to certain PlayStation exclusive titles, which makes us wonder if Sony will launch a deal for their upcoming
PlayStation Vita, which will include an Android phone as well.
You heard it here first.



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