Alejo Muniz and Owen Wright advance to Quiksilver Pro New York semi-finals – 2011 ASP World Tour

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Alejo Muniz and Owen Wright advance to Quiksilver Pro New York semi-finals – 2011 ASP World Tour
The thrilling surfing action continued on the fourth day of Quiksilver Pro New York, sixth stop of Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour, with the third and fourth quarter-finals on Friday, September 9, at Long Beach, New York.
The third quarter-final saw Brazil’s Alejo Muniz collect a convincing win over his compatriot, Heitor Alves, to move one step closer to the title shot.
In the fourth quarter-final, Australia’s Owen Wright clinched the semi-final spot after defeating his countryman Julian Wilson.
While the surfing conditions had turned out to be pretty good during the first two contests on Friday, the participants of the third quarter-final were not that fortunate. Not only did the frequency of the waves decrease, most of the waves that did appear
lacked juice, preventing the surfers from earning high scores off them.
As the third quarter-final kicked off, Alves came across a decent wave right in the beginning, which he utilised to open his account with 5.93 points. Muniz soon responded with a 5.50-point wave to remain alive in the contest.
As the heat progressed, both the Brazilians kept hunting for another good score, but found it really difficult to find one due to the demanding conditions. Alves eventually caught his second wave to earn 4.17 points off it and finish with a heat-total of
10.10 points.
In the dying minutes of the heat, Muniz made one final desperate effort to jump past his rival on the scoreboard and successfully accomplished that by earning 6.60 points off the wave, finishing with a heat-total of 12.10 points.
The fourth heat saw the progressive ASP World Tour rookie, Wright, go head-to-head against another extremely promising young Australian, Wilson, for the coveted semi-final slot.
As the battle kicked off, the 21-year-old Wright remained patient as he searched for relatively juicy waves. A few minutes into the heat, he locked a wave to pull off an impressive string of tricks, earning 8.33 points for the effort. He soon followed it
up with a 4.60-point wave to finish with a heat-total of 12.93 points.
Wilson was not as picky as his rival regarding the waves and caught quite a few of them during his hunt for a good score. Almost halfway through the heat, he caught a wave to earn 6.37 points off it. Requiring another 6.56 points for the win, Wilson locked
his second business-wave, but only managed to add an additional 6.07 points to his account, finishing with a heat-total of 12.44 points.
Thus, the fate of the fourth quarter-final was sealed in Wright’s favour.
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