Adriano de Souza and Thiago Camarao emerge triumphant in Round 1 of 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing

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Adriano de Souza and Thiago Camarao emerge triumphant in Round 1 of 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing
The eighth Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Prime event of the year, 2011 Nike US Open of Surfing, continued to deliver intense action with the 21st and 22nd heats of round of 96 (Round 1) at the Huntington Beach Pier in California,
America, on Wednesday, August 3.
The 21st heat saw Brazil’s Adriano de Souza walk away with top honours, while America’s Nat Young took runner-up place to extend his life in the event and advance to the round of 48 (Round 2) as well. Hawaii’s Fredrick Patacchia and South Africa’s
Dale Staples rounded out the third and fourth positions, consequently getting eliminated from the competition.
Brazil’s Thiago Camarao prevailed over his rivals in the 22nd heat to advance confidently to the next round. Hawaii’s John John Florence also managed to make a place for himself in Round 2 after clinching second position. America’s Brett Simpson
made a shocking exit from the event after finishing in third place, along with Australia’s Davey Cathels who finished fourth.
The 24-year-old De Souza has been making waves in competitive surfing throughout this year and at recently sat at the top in the ASP World Tour rankings, though now he is ranked third.
However, the Brazilian did not become a victim to his inconsistency and successfully managed to collect victory to advance to the next round. He made his charge late in the heat, collecting an outstanding 8.10-point wave that, combined with a 4.27-point
wave, took him to a heat-total of 12.37 points.
The young American sensation, Young, came up with an impressive performance as well, opening his account with a 7.00-point wave. However, he was unable to follow it up with another decent score and finished in second place with a two-wave total of 11.33
A two-wave total of 7.97 points put Patacchia in third place, while Staples finished fourth after completing succumbing to the challenging conditions and only managing to earn a heat-total of 2.73 points.
The 23-year-old Camarao surfed exceptionally well during the 22nd heat to clinch victory and advance to the next round. Early in the heat, he caught a wave to earn 6.00 points off it and later caught a 7.17-point wave to move to a heat-total of
13.17 points.
Hawaii’s Florence made a charge in the final minutes of the four-man battle, earning an impressive 7.43-point wave. However, he only managed to add another 4.83 points to his account, consequently forced to settle for runner-up place with a heat-total of
12.26 points.
The reigning two-time US Open of Surfing champion, Simpson, shocked everyone with his mediocre performance that eventually led to his elimination. He took third place with a heat-total of 10.24 points, which included a 4.17 and 6.07-point wave. Australia’s
Cathels failed to make a solid impact during the heat either, finishing with a heat-total of 7.00 points and hence getting eliminated from the competition.
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