90's fashion for Teens and Children...?

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My siblings and I are going to be extras in a film based in the '90's. I'm 14 years old, my brother is 11, and my little sister is 8. What clothes should we wear and what should we do with our make-up and hair? (i have shoulder-length, curly hair, my brother's hair is short and straight, and my little sister has straight hair that's just below her chin with over-grown side bangs)




  1. 1. Get stonewashed  or acid-washed denim. Wear as much of this as possible.  (i.e., jeans and jacket, jacket and skirt, denim shirt and jacket)

    2. Get out all of the late 80's early 90's colors and patterns! Peach and cornflower blue  were popular, as were combos of green, Barney purple, yellow, and red. Geometric patterns with triangles, swirls, lightning shapes, etc. were "in".

    3. Ruffle shirts and ties on girls.

    4. Light-up velcro shoes for toddlers and elementary kids (get your little sister a pair).

    5. Big, blonde hair in a perm.

    6. Scrunchies for hair/ big, bushy ponytails and half-ponys.

    7. Shoulder pads carried over from the 80's.

    Tip and advice:

    Get someone who was a teen in the 90's to help you browse through thrift stores.

    Watch teen movies from the 80's and early 90's for inspiration (think Molly Ringwald).

    Also watch the T.V. series "Saved by the Bell". It replays on the cable channel "The N".

    Look through the pictures from your early childhood. I'm sure that there are some hideous clothes that you wore.

    *Also see the sitcoms "Full House" and "Family Matters". Fashion remained fundamentally unchanged from the late 80's to the early to mid 90's.

  2. there are people there that do that for you

  3. aren't the makeup artist gonna do that?

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