11 year old boy lying and stealing

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  1. Yes, I think counseling will work. Your son may be acting out in these ways for a variety of reasons. He may be trying to communicate something, he may be reaching out for attention or their may be something organic, such as issues with impulse control. Another reason he may be doing it is if he has heard people talk about his father in a negative way and has heard people believe that he may be like his father. It is important to have him checked out both by an MD to have anything organic ruled out and by a therapist who can work with him on any psychological needs. Try looking for an MFT ( marriage and family therapist) or an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker). it is also important that the therapist you go to asks that you be involved. Although therapists can do a lot with just the child in the room, no real change can occur within the home unless you and possibly any other families ar epresent.


    Most clinicians will offer sliding scale if you email them and ask. Go to and click your state and then just start emailing people letting them know how much you can afford and your situation!


    Good luck!

    -a family therapist

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