saga saf d posit safes

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  1. Felicia Stone

    I have a Saga SAF D Posit.  I have had it for a long time.  It is model 1100 5216.  I need keys and combination.


    Louis G. Goodall

    7901 Appomattox Dr.

    Austin, TX 78745


  2. Jeremy Leach

    I have a saga saf-d-posit model 1100, I know the combination and I have the  key. Please forward opening instructions left or rights and number of revolutions to open safe.

    Thank you


  3. Franck Joudiou

    We have had a Saf-D-Posit safe for a long time (maybe25 or more years).  We have lost the combination and the key and cannot open it.  The safe is a Model 1100, but I was unable to find a serial number.  Can you tell us how to open it?

  4. Mark Wilson
    lost key where can I get to replace
  5. Frederic Brouillard
    safe will not open.
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