damaged valve dvt

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  1. I have to wear them for life and I am 23 year old-male who had a dvt-well, actually 2 over a 6 month period--  for sitting down too long-(too many hours at college and work)....I have to take plavix for the rest of my life too and yes, it has taken me awhile to get used them, and I have even started to wear them with shorts because of the hot temperatures in the south...I figured that its better to wear them than to be dead...or have a stroke/pulmonary embolism....and whenever somebody asks me why I am wearing them -when I wear them in the open, of course....I just tell them that I don't want to

    I too was upset at first when I was told by the doctor that I would have to wear support hose for the rest of my life...-I was not aware that blood clots were really dangerous until I actually started to read up on them and my doctor explaining to them to me...but if you read up on dvt's - and have your son do this to...then fear will start to roll in for your life...because once you have one -more than likely you are likely to get more...

    I am not a doctor, but since I started to take blood thinners after my 2nd doctor told me I could lower the compression level from 30-40mmg....he said that if I was planning on to do walking/exercise on some days...that I could wear support hose from this website --- he informed me that even though they are waist high support-tights/pantyhose, the support in some of the pairs would be right amount for my needs.  They are cheaper than medical grade hose and last a good while...I like the waist high because the others (knee-thigh) tend to fall down during the day and it really really sucks when you have to keep pulling them back up (specifically the thigh highs) -....and they are lighter.  ___BUT I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!! here is another website that my doctor gave me for support with wearing legwear as a male...I am not going to lie, but if it wasn't for this website-forum and my family telling me that it was alright for a male to wear support hose//knee//thigh//waist...then I probably wouldn't wear them at all. It won't let me copy the website -- but it is called Legwear As a Unisex Fashion...

    Remember it takes awhile to get over the fact that you have to wear them...but with that fear of having another one, hopefully your son can realize that it doesn't matter in the long run when wearing them...btw my first dvt was in April 2010--right before finals here at school -- I almost did not get to finish that semester because of it...and having another one the semester right after during finals really scared the trick is fear I think...let your son know the true dangers of clots and how EASY it is to get another one once you've had one...

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