Windows XP vs. Vista

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  1. Windows XP compared to Vista/Windows 7 sure people don't like Vista but it's the most secure os out there apart from now 7 is the most secure one. Windows Vista/7 is so much better than XP because you can easily find things with the built into the task bar search function. Windows 7 also has a function called snap were u can view to things at the same time without having to open and minimize things. I would get windows 7, I have it on one of my pcs and it works great most of the time apart from a few things in windows media player which was my fault because I installed the visualizations which weren't compatible with it so thats prob an issue you yourself may encounter. UAC also is in vista and 7 so thats why its safer to use than xp is especially if u go online and download things regularly. I hope this helps some what if u want to no more things specifically just let me no also heres a link to a page of info which may be helpfull

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