Why are algerians white people?

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i have many friends that are from algeria..and they are white

arent`they supposed to be black cause they came from afrique




  1. Guest58899

     Berbers are the indigenous people of Algeria. The original Berbers were noted by the early Near Eastern observers to be divided into five confederations called the Masmuda, Sanhaja or Zenaga, Zanata, Hawara and Gomara all of which were early known as the Maures or Mauri from the Greek word mauros meaning black.  The name Mauritania thus was simply the land of the Maures. The whites came later.

  2. Guest58230

     Voilà a quoi ressemblent les algériens Algériens n'ont pas pratiqué l'esclavage des Noirs. Ce sont les Touaregs de l'extrême sud qui se sont livrés intensément à cette pratique, d'où leurs traits subsahariens et à l'Ouest, les Marocains qui ont introduit des esclaves noirs dans toutes les catégories de leur population, ce qui explique leur aspect très mixé. Cependant, il existe de nos jours une population noire dans le Sahara de très récente migration venue se joindre aux haratines, descendants d'esclaves possédés par les Touaregs.

  3. Guest44813

    Yes Algerians are white the same like Europe. I'm Algerian and i'm white so north africa is like europe.

  4. Guest437

    White North Africans can most likely Berber (not European cuz the Berbers have always been in Africa) , depending the location the ancestors first settled is based on the skin color as well. Africa has different races so don't  think that every African is black. I'm an Algerian with frizzy dark curly hair with a tan skin tone (often taken as Hispanic) while I have an Algerian cousin that has fair skin and frizzy curly blonde hair with blue eyes. But u would mostly find tan to dark brown skinned Algerians now.


  5. Algerians are mixed people with a variety of looks. They can range from looking as white as Scandinavians to black like Sub-Saharan Africans. Many are white and at the same time many aren't. Being half Algerian and judging from personal observation I feel most look typically Mediterranien or Arab, however a large number display clear black admixture with their hair texture being very similar to black people. Here's a pic of this years Algerian football team. As you can see there are wide variety of looks and this clearly displays Algeria's racial diversity.







  6. Algerians are mixed. In a single family (same mother, same father) you can get different skin colours, hair textures and eye colours. I'm half Algerian I've got cousins with blond hair  light eyes and fair skin that could pass for Scandanvians. Same time, I've got others who are brown/olive complexed with rough frizzy curly hair that here in Europe could easily be mistaken for mixed race, Yemeni, Puerto Rican, and even Somali/Ethiopian. 

  7. Algerians are mixed. In a single family (same father, same mother) you can get different skin colours, hair textures, eye colours etc. I'm half Algerian and I've got cousins with fair skin, blond hair and light eyes that could easily pass for Scandanvian. Then on the other side of coin I've got other cousins with brown complexions and rough frizzy curly hair. Here in Europe they could easily be mistaken for mixed race, Yemeni, Latino and even Somali/Ethiopian. 

    A lot of the time it's a regional thing. Western Algerians are known to be brown complexed and in many cases quiet dark. Mountainous Berber groups such as Kaybles are known to be  very white with light eyes and hair being common. Same time, Tuaregs from the south in the desert are black.

  8.  I'm algerian and norwegen and I'm light tan (more beige-ish) :D

  9.  Dumbos, Algeria is an Amazigh/Berber country, and no, women weren't raped, they were pretty much protected. Men are known to be fierce up to now and tough and they have kicked out many invadors and in fact they are those who enslaved Europeans (English and French mainly).

    The Imazighen are a Caucasian/Mediteranean race, nothing to do with the Semites, nor the Black Africans, the texture of hair has nothing to do with the Africans either, it is a mediteranean trait.

    The skin color can vary, according to the regions, but it goes from White to slightly tanned, these are Imazighen features.

    Arabs did not bring anything, when they invaded, thus this is not an Arab land, this is only a political game being played by those who wish to make Arabs look like a huge nation while it isn't.

    Hope this helped!

  10. The only Arabs who are white are the Levantine Arabs like the Lebanese, and Syrians. North Africans like Algerians are not white - there mixed. There's a difference cos even the whitest Algerians like the Kabyle Berbers have around 8% Sub-Saharan admixture. Algeria is in Africa don't forget and many black slaves were taken from West Africa to countries like Algeria during the transaharan slave trade so there had to be some mixing going on at some point. Hope I answered your question.  

  11. Algerians come from all colours and ethnicties (black, white, brown, mixed). You shouldn't judge a whole country just by a few friends you have.

  12. Algerians are not white. There just a mix of arabic, black, and various mediterranian ethnicities (mainly turkish, french and spanish). 

  13.  im a white algerian, my family is very fair, most of them have blonde hair n green eyes, and my cousin has curly blonde hair and blue eyes!

  14. Algeria is a diverse country. If you go to the deep north where the mountains are close to the Mediterranean sea you can find people with blonde hair and blue eyes looking like Italians (most of these people are berbers). Then if you go to the west of the country most of the people there are very brown, and there are some people who are fairly dark. Then if you go the deep south of Algeria where the sahara desert is close to bordering countries like Mali and Mauritania all the people there are black. I've met many North Africans (mostly Algerians and Moroccans) and  some of the Algerians I have encountered looked really mixed like the mulatto's of Brazil. So it just comes to show, you can't really tell  what a typical Algerian looks like cos the country is too mixed. The vast majority of Algerians are just of mixed arabic, berber, european, and black african blood regardless of their appearance.  

  15. Algeria is a diverse with people of Berber, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Arab, Ethiopian, Egyptian, Sudanese, Hebrew, etc. etc.  There are Algerians that look white, Algerians that look Arab, Algerians that look black.

  16. Algerians aren't white. There mixed race and have european, arab, berber, and black african blood. The black african blood can be seen when you look at their hair - the majority of Algerians have hair exactly the same as black africans. The Algerians who appear white probably have more european blood while an Algerian who looks black probably has more black blood. North Africa is a diverse region - I know a black Algerian and a white Moroccan and both are North African.

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