Who's your favourite stand up comedian?

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My favourite is Robin Williams!




  1. YEs, you're right: Robin Williams

  2. I love Carlos Mencia o.O

  3. I love Mike Birbiglia. Stephen Lynch is hilarious as well.  

  4. Mitch Hedberg RIP

  5. Brian Regan

    Of all time?  Richard Pryor

  6. Currently its Russell Howard.  

  7. EVERYONE LOVES RAMOND lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. umm, i have 3.

    Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham, and Stephen Lynch.  

  9. yeah, Dimitri Martin is funny. My fav is Nick Swardson. He played Howie in the Benchwarmers and he's Terry on Reno 911.

  10. Check out Jeff Dunham on my space or you tube, he's a ventriloquist, so you get 5-6 different shows. He's is hilarious !Also Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Sam Kinison (RIP) and Andrew "DICE" Clay.

  11. Demitri Martin is HILARIOUS.

  12. I can't believe none of you said George Carlin!!

    Well...That's who I'm choosing..George Carlin .

    Rest in Peace George!!!!!

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