What should you do if you caught your teenage son or daughter wearing diapers even though they don't wet the bed?

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  1. Guest59185

     Our daughter is 14 and likes wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants occaisionally to feel cute and little girlish.She has 3 close friends who also wear them and every so often the 4 of them get together after school at one of their house and they put the cloth diapers and plastic pants on and be silly and cute! The 4 of them just had their"session" at our house this past monday and it was cute seeing the four of them in their diapers and plastic pants!They are good girls and very respectful and i have no problem with the daughter and her three friends wearing the diapers and plastic pants.

  2. Guest58886

     Its normal for teenage girls to wear diapers for various reasons,but teenboys no! I have seen many tee girls over the years wearing diapers at slumber parties,under white dresses for baptisms,first communions,confirmation,weddings,purity balls,etc.and some teen girls and their friends just like wearing them to be cute.

  3. Guest58692

    I found my 16 year old daughter and three of her friends wearing diapers and plastic pants at the slumber party they had at one of the girls house.When i asked the four of them why they were wearing them,they told me they just wanted to have fun and be like babies.They all had pacifiers,baby bottles etc.I actually thought they were kind of cute! 

  4. Guest58137

     Our daughter finially made her First Holy Communion when she was 15 and wore the traditional ,poofy top of the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.After her party,she went to her best friends house and the friends parents were out.They were both talking and her friend brought out her special occasion cloth diaper and rubberpants and the daughter put them on under her communion dress.Then then called up their boyfriends and they came over.The daughters boyfriend saw the diaper and rubberpants under her communion dress and got very aroused!He took her dress off of her and both the daughter and her friend were told to get on their knees and give their boyfriends oral s*x.Afew minutes later the parents came home and caught them in the act! Now as punishment,our daughter has to wear a cloth diaper and rubberpants to church,for easter and christmas,etc which she does not like!

  5. Guest55785

     My daughter is 15 and one of her best friends is a bedwetter and wears a cloth diaper and plastic pants to bed every night and the one saturday night my daughter was at a sleepover at her friends house and i took some money over to the friends so the daughter could help pay for pizza,and when i got there the daughter was wearing on of her friends cloth diaper and plastic pants.I asked her why she was wearing them and she told me it makes her friend feel better having someone else in a diaper and plastic pants.I thought that was nice of my daughter to help her friend out like that.Now the daughters friend gave her a couple of diapers and a couple pairs of the plastic pants and she wears them occassionly to bed also.I dont see anything wrong with it,and its just her girl thing.

  6. I did nothing and was cool about it when I discovered my 12 year old daughter was wearing pullups or plastic pants in bed.
    When I asked, having found 2 pairs of plastic pants in her room she simply said '' they make me feel comfortable and secure '' She then volunteered that she had some pullups and liked occasionally using them for their intended purpose.
    I decided to let her continue un challenged. She is not harming herself or anyone else and takes care of her own cleanups/laundry etc and at least now she is open and often wears plastic pants or a pullup around the house and I have to admit I have bought some of these items for her at her request.

    When I think of some of the things she could be doing and which I know some of her peer group are I am pleased she has chosen something this harmless for her pleasure.

  7. Just let them know that you know they like and wear diapers. Blowing the stack only make things turn sour. There are some questions that may need to be asked but don't push it.

    Go out a get some diapers that fit them. Encourage weaing diapers and be open about it. They may still be diapered now and then but when the rush is over diapers will slow down.

    Remember - Diaper wearing never hurt anyone.  Each to their own.

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