What are some good dares for truth or dare for teenage girls?

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my friends and i are crazyyy as h**l. we're 13, and we love doing like really out there type of stuff. heck we've even showered together. lol we are best best friends and we need really out there dares for a sleepover we're having. the more outrageous for us the better. so no like prank calling or amateurish stuff like that. kind of like stuff like the shower thing. we love having fun [:

by the way, i don't know what category this goes under, so i just put it under games and recreation. so if you think it's in the wrong category, pulll up your trowsers and walk away. don't even bother cussing me out. i will win. [:




  1. I did this one ok so stich a fist up a v****a then a head up a v****a then a head and fist up a a*s all at the same time






  3.  Go out side the house into street hide your self and wait for someone to pass by the street. Frighten him/her and then run away inside your house.

    You can also use mask for this purpose or any other support what ever in your reach.

  4. run around the house slapping each others a*s: theres one for you x

  5. I would suggest you to ask your friends to walk through a lonely road at night, and ring all the door bells in the street, without getting caught. If any one gets caught, she will in return have to give all of you a treat. You can ask her to cook something really delicious.

  6. If They Wnna Take Showers Together LET THEM!! Gees Its Not Yalls Life!! Me and My Frands Do This All The Time!! THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. eeeewwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and my bestie would never do anything like that! We would rather do something embarrasing like suducing an inamimate object lolz!


  8. Break the world record for longest time makeing out with a girl

  9. you all are nasty perverts, you need some help, no  girl is going to l**k anothers p***y (unless they are lesbians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I bet you were horny when you wrote all these things, 13 yr olds dont do that!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10.  YUCKKK! some of you girls/boys are minging should all get a life and whoever takes showers together naked you are such lezbooo'z! :/ yuckkk :/

  11. omg! i would rele do this, but like my frnds probs r not like this..ugh the ppl tellling ppl who take showers together, they dont nneed to get a life! wow but like, i <3 some of these dares :D

  12. wtf?! ppl on here r distcusting

  13. does any lez live im miramar that is horny an wanna have s*x 


  14. have s*x with urself!

  15.  heey baabes i would love too meet you girls add me on msn

  16.  okay i would love to meet you girls because that is hot you sould tape all your dares and emails them to me at nimajneb underscore 8 at

  17. whoever falls asleep first have you and your friends get her naked and each lay on top of her (naked too) then get the bathtub and fill it with cold water and ice and throw her in their naked!!haha

  18. wow thats some great dares but maybe yall should come up with more non stripping stuff oh and love the dare blindfold kiss three things lol........

  19. me and my friends suck v****a everytime we hang adn makeout its so nice:] or finger eachother and then watch p**n

  20. omg i think all the people who are being rude about this i say y r u even on this site then? and i dont think it matters if you people take showers together. it does not matter. you guys are the same s*x with the same parts. also u guys r bffs so it does not matter

  21. Do something normal and always kewl..

    DRESS UP SUPER WEIRD (p.s stop bein a teenage prostitute PLEASE !!!N Good gracious...)

  22. Me and my friend. She called any random boy on her phone on her house phone and pretend it was a dating line but she recorded it and then at school. Dont ring anyone thats single cuz girls in class will b elike soo. But if he in realtionship show it to his girlfriend. Then h**l be single 2. x*x

  23. [1]walk around ur crushes house naket then ring the door bell and run away.[2]go on the beach in a bikini with no top and then yell look at me thats all i have.

  24. people, this isn't right, God wouldnt like this and he loves you. Read John 3:16

  25. You guys are crazy! None of that is good. And you are how old?????

  26. What in the world! You girls are 13! what world do you live in!? That's so wrong!

  27. here a good dare the girl house you staying at 3 girls go into your mom room one girl take her mom best thong an bra an the other take her best bikini undie an bra the other she get your mom best s**y lingerie an each one have to get one more pantie then they have to put them  on they have to be ur mom best s**y undies an bras an lingerie every if they have to take them out of the dirt clothes they have to wear them for 7 days an 7 nights they cant take baths or shower with them on on the othe undies they have to put them up inside of they p#sy an them undies have to stay there no taking they out of they p#sy they have to wear bra, undies, lingerie to school under they school clothers an you have to check the girls to make sure then where they come over they have to take them off in ur mom  room an put bras undies an lingerie back in her drawer with out mom knowing an then 4 of use go back to ur room the 3 girls pee on each other all over each other an in mouth have fun an play nice

  28. Im thirteen and most of my friends are 14 and we do the same stuff. Taking a shower together is not a big deal. Ive had s*x with some of my gurl friends, hardcore od course, and not going to lie it was fun. DO whatever. Play naughty truth and dare it tast yummy ,if you know what i mean, dont worry about all this s*x c**p yea its fun and pleasable but if you dont want to dont do it. Be dirty, have s*x, have fun. Youll be happy you did some of these tings i know i was ;]

  29. my friends are doing the soda in the bellybutton one....

  30. my friends are doing the soda in the bellybutton one....

  31. okay, first of all. most of these people's posts are GROSS. like get a life and stfu. stand on the curb near the street in a swimsuit holding up a sign that says.. "Honk If You Think I'm Cute!" You must get at least 3 honks before going back inside. this is good if its winter and snowy haha.


  33. finger each other repetively ;)

  34. anyone who thinks this is gross is just as bad cuze u hae o serch for dis to find it. dat means y say it is bad but u srch it anyway. get over yourselfs

    by the way:

    1. blindfold i person and get the other to strip and put blindfolded persons hand on them. they have to guesse who it is

    2. play are u nervouse

  35.  u could do what they did in "2 girls 1 cup"!! :P if u havnt seen it.... the one girl s***s in a cup and they eat it and they trow it up into eachothers mouths

  36.  wonder how you all turn out when you get older!!!!!! :/

  37. you all are fricken disgusting and need to get a life, one without being a pervert

  38. Go round naked asking for money...have s*x in shower every time...s*x

  39. have s*x


  40. me and my friend alwayse take showers together(in our swinsuits) because we like washing eachothers hair and geting some time away from her little brother to talk about guys. So some good truth or dares we do. if u have six people(or ten) get naked and do a pyrimid in the back yard..... its fun and ticks off the nabors :)


  41. Okay i do this kinda stuff ALL THE Timee♥ All ya people tell them to get a life, Why dont youu. If your gunna ruin soem fun then ur gayy . Peace ? <33 Lubb Yaa (:

  42. well i am a 13 year old girl. and i shower with my best friends every day. i like washing her b***s and she likes rubbing my v****a. we sleep  nude together. and we sit next to each other naked all the time. its fun. we r not lebibans or something. but its just really fun

  43.  Snog For 2 minutes...Pretend to have s*x naked....Both of you lay down and rub your vaginas together!  Have Fun!

  44. me agian. know what else you couls do. take a hair brush or a comb and lightly rub the bristles on eachothers p***y.or play duck duck goose. when you choose the goose run around like the normal game. then try to get back to ur spot. if u lose all ur friends have to pee on you. if ur friend loses all ur friends have to pee on her. or have it like a normal sleep over. exept when you have to go pee pee ur pants. it dosnt matter wher you go as long as its in ur pants. or take a tooth brush and tooth paste then start brushing ur p***y. ya have fun again

  45. idk how old this is but ima answere anyway.  i dare u girls to get totally naked. then pee in a bottle(beer bottle) then tell one of ur GF's to open her p***y.put the bottle in the p***y and let the pee go into it and tell her to keep it in for 5 min before standing up .or take off all your clothes and then lay them out in groups. (like one girls clothes in on and another girls clothes in a diffrent one) then switch with the spots with the person in front off you. then pee on her clothes and she pees on yours and all ur friends do that to eachother. then put on ur own clothes and stay like that for the rest of the night. or right before u go to bed pee were ur going to sleep. or have a shower in ur friends pee. or late at night, go to the kitchen and grab an apple or pear for all ur friends, them before u eat them pee on them. then eat them. or all ur friends do into ur room and they pee on everything. i mean everything. u rbed, the floor, in ur dresser, on you(yes you) and on ur most prized possesion. or see who can swallow the most pee. (ive heard it tastes horrible) or grab something like a pen and put it in u or ur friends pee hole. if its in ur pee hole make ur friends hold it there then pee as hard as possible. or go outside and go about 20 ft from ur friend grab a garden hose and put the stream on jet. then tell ur friend to lie down and lift the flaps on her p***y. then with ur best aiming skills fire at her p***y. or go into ur moms bed room when shes sleeping and pee on stuff. then in the morning say "what? no mom why would i do that its insane! my friends would'nt either. were no that immature. god." ya have fun.



    put lotion on another girl while shes nude.

  47. put an egg in between each of your b***s the first persons egg to crack the person has to get her clothes taken off (not her bra and underwear) then get ducked taped to the floor and every one has to tickel her in till she pees

  48. okayy idkk where yuu live but the city i live in MI none of my friends are like tht unless theyre lesbians....thts just weird that yuu wud take showers with other girls...and idkk if yuu were naked but assuming yuu were thts just not a little disturbed and the ppl tht left these comments are just ppl who are probably just fantasize abt yuu doing tht...andd im srry but thts just a lil creeppyy...yea yuu can b daring but dnt do tht disgusting 14 and i havent done half the stuff these ppl are telling yuu guys to do....soo thtss justt grosss...andd the ppl who commented them and told them to do this nasty stuff then yur disgusting pigs...idk how old yuu are but tht doesnt even matter...its still disgusting! dare someone to like kiss another guy not fckin makeout with another girl....wat kinda person thinks tht wud b a fun dare?! maybe its just me but i thik most of these dares are appaling and i wud never wanna see any of my friends doing tht..

  49. put frosting on your lips and l**k it yum :)

  50. have s*x 4 5mins none stop

  51. why dont u lozers who think its inappropriate to do that stuff get a freaking life its for fun and a good dare is to strip for your neighbors

  52. dudee! this is sickk...? we are likee 14 andd me andd my two best friends havee had s*x alott with our yeah..

  53. haha me and my friend are both thirteen and we have done pretty much all of these!!one time we peed in a cup and poored it down the street! now some real dares for all of  you are to swing on a rope swing naked and if you dont have one in your yard find one in someone elses yard!! hehe or wlk around your block at 2:30 in da morning in your moms dirty panties!

  54. :P

  55. (girls)-lay in the bed and go to sleep nude and wake the person in the bed with you and say "do it with me baby" (s**y though)

  56. get a guy(and girl of course) to fill up the bath wil hot waater and take off each others clothes then get into the bath and have s*x for 10 mins and then the guy can like p***y and give her o****m then she can suck his d**k fo 5 mins non stop!!!!!!

  57. Eww! some of yhou guys r yuck! get a life..

  58. u must suck on a vag

  59. ok so like my cousin did this but get some ice cubes and put it on ur p***y till it melts.

  60. put ice cubes in your bra one in each cup. or in your pants front and back or strip all the way (but slowly)

  61. dont do nude dares or rude ones. thats just weird and lame and totally stupid. do something embarressing but totally fun at the same time :)

  62. Hey me and my BFF had taken a shower 2gether and a bath plenty of times! and we stayed in mi clubhouse 4 the nite and were doing some funbi dares.
    -we had 2 l**k eachothers boob
    -l**k their butt
    -l**k the hairs on our pussys
    -l**k eachothers teeth
    -l**k their tongue
    -peck kiss
    -kiss 4 10 sec.
    -stick out tongue wen kissing
    -lap dance eachother
    -hav girl to girl fun w/ clothes
    -fun w/out clothes
    -hang by a bar rap their legs around them and hump
    -open legs and put 2gether

    and alot more...

  63. U ppl sound awesome!! Dare someone to drink soda out of anothers belly button. Dare someon to trade a article of clothing. There's lots of good ones I suggest googling party dares

  64. You guys are really disgusting your only 13 well they are. do my dares like l**k the wall, do push ups, model your underwear and bra. Nothing involving nudity and body parts their parents are gonna be supervising!

  65. you people are disgusting most 13 year old girls would not do this stuff and if you do this stuff than im pretty sure your lez

  66. Get two lime and a cucmber and tape them together, then tape that to a belt. Tie the belt around one girls waist and have her stick it in the others *area* just like they were having s*x with a guy. anal for the really daring.

  67. Dares
    slow dance naked 4 10 minutes get a girl 2 hump another girl
    make a girl 2 suk another girls p***y or finger it have a bath
    together (laying on top of eachover) have L*****n s*x order a
    pizzer when the dilivery guy gets there answer the door only wereing
    a towel and let it "acidently" slip off or answer the door in only
    your underwear and ask the delivery guy of he wants all your
    underwear or a £2:00  if he wants your underwear give it 2

  68. i mean chocolate not cahcolate

  69. maybe strip, get some of the cahcolate sauce that hardens after like a min and then get the others to cover you in it from head to toe and then wait to become a chocolate statue lol (warning probably will take loads pf bottles to do this)

  70. blondes what did they do to this world!!!!!!! I am a dude

  71. blondes what did they do to this world!!!!!!! I am a dude

  72. i would not like someone to dare me to strip or do the stripper dance. Teenaged girls will probably go with it.

  73. ummm
    maybe strip and stay like that for the rest of the game
    or strip and let the others write on your body (in permenant marker if your brave)
    or get the others to paper mache like your hands and feet then paint them skin tone and act normal
    or strip and then get completely duct tape mumified from your toes to your neck (possible extra, leave your vag uncovered amd get the others to put things inside and wiggle them)

  74. ummm
    maybe strip and stay like that for the rest of the game
    or strip and let the others write on your body (in permenant marker if your brave)
    or get the others to paper mache like your hands and feet then paint them skin tone and act normal
    or strip and then get completely duct tape mumified from your toes to your neck (possible extra, leave your vag uncovered amd get the others to put things inside and wiggle them)

  75. ummm
    maybe strip and stay like that for the rest of the game
    or strip and let the others write on your body (in permenant marker if your brave)
    or get the others to paper mache like your hands and feet then paint them skin tone and act normal
    or strip and then get completely duct tape mumified from your toes to your neck (possible extra, leave your vag uncovered amd get the others to put things inside and wiggle them)

  76. shove a cucumber up ur fage

  77. stick something up your vag that isnt 2 suposed to be there. like a marker.


  79. dares

    go to bathroom get

    I DID THIS  1

  80. you could pin the girls hair to the wall (if its long enough) or you could cut their pubic hair with a nail clipper if its not sharp enough sharpen it or you could get a long piece of rope and stick it between their butt cheeks and b***s and pull super fast and give them rope burn

  81. you could pin the girls hair to the wall (if its long enough) or you could cut their pubic hair with a nail clipper if its not sharp enough sharpen it or you could get a long piece of rope and stick it between their butt cheeks and b***s and pull super fast and give them rope burn

  82. ok, u have to go to the kitchin and get:
    1 egg for each person,
    a can of squirty cream
    a melted bowl of chilli chocolate
    1 spoon for each player
    From the bathroom:
    Some shampoo and conditioner

    What you do

    u have to be naked, u each have to put your v****a holes on the taps (like your filling up a water balloon) and put it on really cold and on full blast! you each have to do it for 5 minutes. then you have to put the champoo and conditioner up your pussys mastrubat....each other! know put your panties and bras on and put the egg in the front and give your self a frontal bra wedgie (its a bit trickey and you might have to clip the bras together for each other)then stay in that until your undies snap! then put the cream and chocolate all over eachothers body and you have to l**k it off each other (you each have to l**k at;east one persons pursy (tongs right up))then you have to put the spoon up your p***y and keep it in there for as long as you can and you have to keep riggling it about! have fun! you could take a video too!

  83. first off, if your true bffs you'd do ANYTHING TOGETHER!!! Even if taking a shower is one of them!!!! But I would dare you to go to the nearest window a friend on each side and makeout with eachother through the glass.

  84. Well I am a boy 13 years of age...... and i think its s**y that they take showers together ;)

  85. get naked and give each other blind makeovers.

  86. OK you have to have a guy and a girl to do this but....
    Go fromm door to door til someone answers (guy and girl holding hands)
    and ask for a condom

  87. dare them to do bloody mary and turn on as many eletronics as possible.

  88. take off your top then run round the street saying i luv the milk man and he milks me

  89. a boy to dare a girl to take a shower with him naked

  90. f**k a duck
    Moon someone and have then slap ur 'moon'
    run around naked and hump the wall
    put whip cream on ur 'parts' and have the person to the right l**k it off:)

    We are 12 and we have all done these!!! BAhhahahahhahaha lol, aquapooluza was crazy:))) xoxo Kikkey

  91. anything that involves LITTLE ASIAN NUTS

  92. anything that involves LITTLE ASIAN NUTS

  93. with me and my friends we usually dare each other to makeout or take skittles and/or oreos if you have skittles pick a friend and put the skittle anywhere on them then have someone else remove it with only their mouth or with the oreos smear the cream on someones bare body and get someone else to l**k it off if your creative you can have a lot of fun

  94. 1) im 13 an the most daring thing weve done is girls snog other girls or guys feel up the hot gurls x not if there ,minkin x:L
    2) wtf is tping??
    3) wtf is ding dong ditch???????

    p.s. u guys are f****n s****s if ur gonna shower together(unless ur wearin swimin costumes)

  95. jvdjvjhfdvchjfd\vjddajhcjkdjhjhnchdsbvhyenbdmjvhbvbfvjbvjhfmvlkmvjknbvjn jkbvnfdjkv nkjnvkjn kbvjndlkfnmjkdmvlkjnvkjvndkjfjknbjknbnbgfjnbbgnbjnv bzdvjhbdzvbgfvbbvfbvbgvfuyrefhiearhfug76t236t4r75r894t9up843jtpunguhtjbfrvhbvgbgvbuhfdbvhjbfvjhbfvjhbhjvbdfjvhbdvjhbjhvbbitchiidbvhdbvhjbvhjbfvhbfvkhbfvhwebvgebvfuckyouhjfvhjbvfvlhnrfcsexhjbvfjhvjhdvjbdvjdvjdvjvh!:)

  96. go up to some random person and makeout with them

  97. all of u r freakin CRAZY yall need a little thing called a LIFE yall are all LOSERS!!!:)

  98. most of you people who commented need some counseling!!!

  99. Someone has to put on a blindfold and the other people have to find three things and the person that is blindfolded has to kiss them.

  100. Shut the F**k up they can have showers together if they want!
    i am the same age and me and my friends always do, get a life lozers!

  101. suck on a man's ball sack for 30 seconds :)

  102. do grooss stuff like idk

  103. 1. get naked and play ding dong ditch
    2. have kiss each other on the lips (tongue action if dareing enough or if your really daring do it but naked)
    3. have s*x with a lampost (naked if your dareing enough)
    4. l**k her a*s crack
    5. wedgie each other outside in the middle of the night only wearing your nickers or mums thongs

  104. take your phone and put it on vibrate and shove it up ur v****a then have people call you nonstop for 5 minutes( girls only)

  105. to look at another site!!!

  106. suck someone p***s

  107. dares:
    1:go skinny dipping
    2:run around the house butt naked (guys to
    3:take a bath in your sprinklers (naked)

  108. Wow people

  109. Spin A Bottle, Whoever it points to gets duct taped (By the arms and legs) to the floor. Then the other people strip her completely, and have fun. If she doesn't beg for mercy, Spin Again...

  110. hey.. here are some dares what have been dared to my friends and me lol.
    run around the street shouting i love.....
    hug a boi (girls) for 10 seconds
    run around sayin i wear thongs
    go to someone n hold 1 of there hands,u go down on 1 knee and ask him/her to marry you.
    slow dance with ur boyfirends (girls)
    ask a geek to the prom.
    l**k mud
    l**k a tree
    l**k someons spit
    l**k the floor
    eat mud
    eat grass
    all of them dares r what have happend

    and if they dont do the dare then they have to go around shouting im a saw looser .or have to do somthing realy realy bad =]

    and u can play down in the jungle ,u sit in a circle with ur hands out and 1 of ur hands is undeath the other persons hand to ur left and ur hand right hand is on top of the other persons hand

    and u sing this song
    down in the jungle where everyone goes theres a great fat grillor peckin his noes ,he picks it and he flicks it to see were it goes whos gonna get tht whos gonna get tht whos gonna get tht slimey snot  ! and whoever it lands on has to do a dare !
    if they dont do it they sit out!  and u sing the song . n u pass the slap on around in the circle.
    if u get tht then awsome then if u dnt u dnt!

    thanks hope i helped ya =]

  111. ok here are some dares.
    1.smash a car(can be somebody's car or a dump car)
    2.dare a boy to go up to your mom and blow her a kiss around your block with a knife saying i killed barny! some kind of mixture of soaps(eat at least two spoon fulls)
    5.tell your mom you like her thong and would like to borrow it someday.
    6.sit on somebody's head(the person can pick what person)
    7.find somebody that looks poor and offer them to sleep at your house
    8.go knock on peoples doors and when they open it scream me and elmo just got merried!!! then run away(it can't be somebody you know)

  112. run up and down the street with no cloths on

  113. :P I like thee way you think.
    -you could take another person into a room with two ice cubes and find an exciting way to melt them :P
    -Orr.. If you have an older brother, ask them to wash your friend girl. Or get her to ask him to wash you.
    If this doesnt work, offer to wash him. Head to toe. O.o
    -If you dare, the next person that knocks on the door, flash to them and shut the door.
    -Run around the street shouting 'OH MY GAWD I HAVE AIDS, Who wants some?' :P In a hillbilly accent.

    I hope i have helped.
                               Lots of love Nikki xx

  114. ha ha i have just the same type friends!! am i needed to find the answer to the same thing and i just googled really good truth and dares for a fab sleepover(girls) and got about 35 pages!!! for example: FIND SOMTHING IN UR KITCHEN THATS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE EATING STRAIGHT LIKE KETCHUP ORSALT OR EVEN FLOUR!! HOPE YOU HAVE A REALLLY GOOD TIME!!!!!!!

  115. ok if there are guys and you are really trully daring do
    :lap dances
    :pole dancing for both sexes
    :make out
    :guys take off their shirts and girls wear them and take off their bras and wear those shirts
    :girl on girl action
    :guy on guy action
    :take off your shirts and bras and kiss a guy
    :have a guy take off his boxers (briefs) and flash a guy
    :yell to driving by cars hey s**y and pull up your shirts
    :body shots (illegal but still)
    :pants a person
    :call someone and say 'hey s**y you want to come get some because i'm horny and i have a () and you have a () and one size fits all especially mine'
    :yell on the street come get some mother fuckers while doing horny poses on each other

  116. fddddddddfffffff ha h aha ding dong ditch.

  117. you peoples are physio!!!

  118. 1 dunk someones (mom) bra and and underwear in cold water then put it in the freezer over night then give it to that person the next morning.

    2 take a cold shower and stay in there for 5 min.

    3 get markers (if really brave perment) and draw all over your self.

    4 run around in your moms bra and underwear.

    5 stick ice under your arms  for 30 sec.

    6 get your favorite thing and let the person to the left of you

  119. walk around the street naked in day light.
    sleep in da same bed naked if daring enough.

  120. tell the host's momm that shes hot THAT my dears, is humor.

  121. Dares

    ~exchange an item of clothing
    ~in the street hold out a sign that says honk if you think im cute(or whatever word you want to use instead of cute)

  122. go jump in a lake behind ur house if u have one or a pool butt naked

  123. dares:
    1.)to take a shower in cold wahter 4 30sec.
    2.)stand outside naked 4 10sec.
    3.)l**k the butt of the player to your right.
    4.)(girls only)run around the outside of your howes in only panties.(no top)
    5.)let some 1 tie u up and tickel u till u pea or beg 4 murcy.
    6.)(guys)kiss another guy.
    7.)(girls)kiss another girl.
    8.)slap some 1 on the butt.
    thats all i got

  124. dares:
    1.)to take a shower in cold wahter 4 30sec.
    2.)stand outside naked 4 10sec.
    3.)l**k the butt of the player to your right.
    4.)(girls only)run around the outside of your howes in only panties.(no top)
    5.)let some 1 tie u up and tickel u till u pea or beg 4 murcy.
    6.)(guys)kiss another guy.
    7.)(girls)kiss another girl.
    8.)slap some 1 on the butt.
    thats all i got.

  125. go up to a random guy wearing a bikini and ask him if he wanted to join you for a midnight nude swim but youll have to say it very s**y and even bbetter do it to your crush

  126. the the h**l r u thinking taking a shower together at the age of 13 u r stupied

  127. i dare you girls to get a life

  128. i dare you to jump into the pool (if you have one) at midnight in your pjs

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