Weight loss weight loss ~!!!!!?

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my bmi weight for my height is 60 - 75. i weigh 75 and i would really like to get to 65.

are there any tips for losing weight fast?

i'm a vegan, and i eat very healthy. i have under 10 grams of fat a day, prob just on 5. but my metabolism is shocking!!!

ive had high carb diets before and i just stack on the weight if i have a lot of carbs/fat in my diet. i dont get hungry often so low fat and small meals work for me. dont lecture me on this - family history its proven i cant eat carbs and stay thin

anyway i just want advice on how to lose some weight. i already eat low fat, small amounts, healthy as!

but i have a really hard time losing weight no matter what i do.

how much exercise should i do a day or does anyone have any tips




  1. Exercise and healthy eating are essential to good weight loss! There are so many ways to lose wight out there. If you are looking for some little tips and secrets here is a link to help you out:

    Good luck with your wight loss.
    Maria, Nutritionist

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