US sweeps US Virgin Islands in a U19 Championship match – Volleyball news

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US sweeps US Virgin Islands in a U19 Championship match – Volleyball news
The United States had a match with the squad from US Virgin Islands on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 in the Mexican city of Tijuana where the NORCECA Boys’ U-19 Continental Championship is being played. The match was part of the preliminary round where the two teams
find themselves in Pool A of the championship. The result of the contest between the two sides was a three straight sets win by the US over US Virgin Islands in front of 250 spectators.
US was able to get their hands on its second win in the pool play of the championship that was secured in one hour and six minutes at the following final set scores: 25-17, 25-11 and 25-10.
The coach of the US Virgin Islands team Mark Daniel shared his views on the outcome of the match by giving the following statements, “It was a good opportunity for us. This afternoon we didn`t gave up like in the first match. We don´t have a very deep team,
but I think at least we played well one set.”
On the other hand, the captain of the American squad, Christian Blough, shared his views on the matter by making the following comments, “I want to congratulate the US Virgin Islands for a great match, and it was a great team effort from us.”
The player who was able to lead all scorers in points belonged to the US squad as David Parker tallied a score of 12 to keep the pressure on his opponents. On the other hand, the most active player on the US Virgin Islands side was Aseah Thomas who put up
seven points of his own.
The start of the opening set of the match saw both the teams come out strong and they kept the score close. However, US was able to get the lead while US Virgin Islands was chasing close behind. US Virgin Islands could not over take their opponents and eventually
US sped off with the advantage to increase the gap and finally bag the first set of the game at 25-17.
The loss of the first set dampened the spirits of US Virgin Islands and they only put in a half hearted effort in the second set of the match. As a result, US did not have a hard time in taking the lead early on and extending their advantage further. With
the US Virgin Island team coming up behind on a snail’s pace, US was able to secure the second frame comfortably at 25-11.
The third set of the match progressed in a similar fashion as the second one as US took the lead early on and propelled themselves forwards. US Virgin Islands did not provide competition to their rivals as US bagged themselves another easy win at 25-10.



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