Time changes from eastern and western?

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please help me understand these time changes. i live in arizona and sometimes eastern time is 3 hours ahead and sometimes 2 hours ahead. and los angeles is one hour behind and sometimes the same time. help me understand these time and daylight savings time, whatever that means. thanks.




  1. Hi Bently!

    Most of the populated parts of Arizona don't observe daylight saving time, but the nearly all rest of the country does.

    Arizona lies in the Mountain Time zone.  In winter, you're two hours behind me on the east coast.  You're one hour ahead of Los Angeles.

    On the second Sunday of March, most of the country turns its clocks ahead by one hour.  On the east coast where I am, by turning our clocks ahead we become three hours ahead of most of Arizona.  

    When Los Angeles turns the clocks ahead, it closes the one-hour time difference so that you're then both in the same time zone.

    Note that the Navajo Nation Indian reserve in the northeast quarter of the state DOES go to Daylight time in March, so in spring and summer the Navajo nation is an hour ahead of Phoenix.  The Hopi Nation, however, does not go to Daylight Time, so in spring and summer the Hopi are an hour behind the Navajo, but the same time as Phoenix.  In winter, all of your clocks are set to the same time.

  2. Every country has different time zones and each have a standard time meridian. However, larger countries like Russia may have more than one time zone. Standard time is made to avoid confusions in in different geographical regions.I don't know about the world timings as much. So, I  will give the example of India. In the eastern part of India when it is 6 in the morning, it may be 5 in the western part, because of locational differences. But India has a standard time which is 5 1/2 hours ahead of G.M.T. This ensures uniform time throughout the country.

      Daylight time is the local time of a region and it may not necessarily be the standard time.Daylight time is determined by the positions of the sun.

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