Satanic baby names?

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I'm looking for Satanic names for my new child to be, me and my wife are Satanists and we would like our baby to have a Satanic name. PLEASE HELP




  1.  ok first off you xian controlled f**ks need to stay off of spiritual satanic posts because theres a difference between spiritual satanism and christian satanism.christian satanism is fake and spiritual satanism isnt a religion its a truth so when you christian fools are free from the clutches of xian come back with your OWN mind.

  2. Magnum Optimus

     Be careful not to choose some christian or jewish name! I'm also looking for names but i.e. Seth, I have my doubts about it.



  3.  i love that the most hateful people on here are the ones who claim that satanism is evil. I think i see the true evil here. 

  4. ALEX WRIGHT-Meaning-Lover of old men/Rapist x

  5. just because you are satanist does not mean your child will come to be give them a special name saying you love them  if they follow your ways as an adult they can find a nickname or something what if you name him a demonic name as he struggles with it forever or hates you for it  either way think of whats best for him  its not the childs fault you are satanic  dont force him down a path he may not want in the future would you kill him for your beliefs , dont take a chance at condeming him for them either no offense to your religon just because your satanic doesnt mean your not human but if your belief is that strong then  why push it on your child with a name like those show your child some love and passion let you religion be YOUR religion until you baby becomes an  age to decide what he or  she may want name it a mysteriouse name or even mystick if you will but name it out of love not out of your worship for someone he will hear of his whole life as evil sick twisted damned ,etc... what message would he get from that , mommy and daddy hate ,i am evil ,or maybe something like instead of being excited about me my parents care more about their personal belief and what thier satan thinks of them just saying think about it






  7. leviathan

  8. How about "Nergal" the babylonian god of Hades

  9. Satan!!! I love Jesus Christ. And He loves you too. PRAISE TO JESUS!!

  10.  Optimus Prime. dixie normous. 

  11. Dave John

  12. Dave John

  13. you all are amatures if you want a good name to suite your dream name the kid rekcuf  ecafza its the most demonic name you can use trust me it means wealth,beauty,and accomplishment good luck PRAISE  SATAN!!

  14. JU-CHE

  15. Gertrude Snodgrass

  16. Ok, so first of don't take those scumbags posts personally. I am a Spiritual Satanist but you might not be. I myself being a Spiritual Satanist would name the baby after my Gaurdian Demon. You can contact me on the website below.

  17. yes we all have our own beliefs but worshiping the devil is not a road i choose to go down, and seriously a wiccan, that's just stupid! i respect that you have your own belief, but, i just dont understand why anyone would want to be in a dark and lonely place like a satonist, being in Gods arms is such a loving and warming place, he does not judge you by what you do, or who you are, the devil will, the devil just wants his own power thats exactly why he got cast out of heaven, the devil IS a FALLEN ANGEL!!!!!!

  18. So.. Ur Satanist? Whats it like.. & since ur baby is going to be named a satanic name will ur child go to h**l too ?

  19. Kurokami- black winged demon.

    I am sorry for all the disrespect you have gotten what you have choosen heads up I am satanist too and my son is named Nicholae which means the Anit-christ the bringer of damned and death. but if they believed in thier god like they acted, it is said don't judge a person by their beliefs but by their heart. I study other religons my husband is wiccan

  20. Damian-son of Lucifer       Nicholae- anit-christ also known as the bringer of the damned


  21. Chad Westwick.

  22. I think any one that would have enough conviction 2 name there baby according 2 there belefs should be commended !!! I myself just found out I was Pregnat an am looking 4 Satanic and or pagen names...... Personally 4 a girl I like Lilith, Pandora and Calypso for boys I would say Seth, Sammael and Cerberus...... dont know if any of this helps anyone but there yah go .and on a futher side note If u dont agree w/ someones choices in life then stay outta it !!!

  23. this is wrong, please don't subject your child to evil.

  24. wow.... You must not be really true Satanic's. Cause if you were you would know Names already u stupid. To me it looks like your weekend warriors. For Satan LOL. I hope for your childs sake, that GOD doesn't come on the weekend. You guys are preaty worse than a dead beat dad.

  25. I pray that this child me one day find a Christian to bring him or her to Christ and be saved from what awaits his/her parents if you continue to follow satan May God bless the child and he/she change their name and become a Christian and enjoy eternal life

  26. harry potter

  27. Michael jackson

  28. congradulations on your new baby.
    i was also looking up some satanic names so i hope this helps.
    boy:{BILe} meaning celtic god of h**l
    girl:{lilith} meaning adams first wife who thought him lust
    boy:{set} meaning egyptian god of evil
    girl:{naamah} meaning hebrew devil of suduction

    i peronally like naamah.

  29. I'm actually having a boy and we are going to name him Natas. Satan backwards.

  30. how about Damian Lucifer

  31. bob

  32. Names I always thought would be nice (I'm a Satanist, too):

    Lucius, for boys. I means "light," and it relates to "Lucifer," light-bearer, but it's more subtle.

    Daemon. Yes, it technically means "to subdue" or "of the people," but generally a name means what one makes of it.

    Synthian. Glory to so-called "sin," and it rolls of the tongue beautifully.

    Lilith means "of the night," and it's a wonderful reference as well to the woman before woman.

  33. melek apep belail valvery draken eligos nix

  34. i dont know if it has a santanic meaning but the name Devlin kindof sounds like it. it sounds alittle like devil.

  35. what about Damien? (Like the Omen) or Isaac (like Children Of Corn) Maybe Regan (Exorcist they're good satanic names, so is Cain
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