Price of smith and wesson 38 special?

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i have a 1899 smith and wesson 38. special millitary and police revolver and i was wondering how much it is worth

it is in good condition for being over a hundred years old and i cant find anything about it




  1. Check here for the Value of S&W.*>>

  2. You are lucky, The model 1899 was mostly chambered in 30 Colt Cartridge some were chambered in 38 Special for sale to the public. Yours is "probably" not a military contract revolver.

    Prices vary on antique firearms. When good examples surface and collectors are around the prices skyrocket.

    Do you want to increase the value to a collector? Simply write a letter (not an email) to Smith and Wesson (address from website) to the Product Manager-Historian to document the shipping date of your firearm from the S&W factory. These letters used to cost $35 documenting the firearm, I'm sure the price has gone up over the years. Even at $75 the documentation and a very good condition revolver will spike the price by a couple of hundred bucks.

  3. It's a M&P Model 1899, it later became the Model 10 when Smith went to the Numbered Model system

    That does not necessarily mean that it was made in 1899

    Civilian Issues go for between $400 and $600  in Very Good to Excellent condition

    Military Issue can be as high as $2000 in excellent condition

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