Moving to australia...please help!!?

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i need to know what will be the cost of living for a family of five(2adults,3children aged 6 and 3yrs) in australia?

we are planning to move there by next husband is a specialist doctor (general medicine).

and also about how much on an average do doctors earn there.

i ve searched on net but all the listings are almost 2 years old.

i m a technical writer.will it help us?as we want a decent lifestyle.

no mocking answers please.your help is sincerely appreciated.

**i've checked links to australian government but i want an inside view from the citizens.thanks in advance!




  1. The rural jobs that may come with accommodation are not close to the metropolitan cities. You sound abit like a worry wart, when things will probably just be fine and yes your wage will be quite sufficient for you to live on.

  2. A specialist in general medicine will earn well above the average salary in Australia, though his precise earnings will depend on where he works.

    Suffice to say that your family will enjoy an excellent standard of living and quality of life wherever you choose to live. You will be able to afford quality private education for your children and a nice home in a good suburb and an active social life if that appeals.

    Even suburban GPs earn in the vicinity of 150k (more than double average earnings) and a specialist should do better than that. We're so short of good doctors here that he should be able to negotiate an excellent package even if he works in the lower paid public system. In the private system, the opportunities are even better.


    I forgot to address the question of your own employment. There will be work for a technical writer in some of the capital cities, but opportunities will be be very limited in other locations as few Australian companies have really embraced the concept of online workers. Also, internet speeds and reliability in some places away from the city are not yet fully up to scratch (though the government is said to be working on it).

  3. Just enjoy it, it will be great :-).

  4. That is a very hard question to answer. How much you earn and how much it will cost you to get by will be variable depending on where you choose to live. For instance, salaries are higher in Sydney than non-metropolitan areas.. but then houses cost heaps more in Sydney.. Do you plan to educate your children in the public or private education system? Also, your entertainment costs will vary greatly depending on what you do in your leisure time - do you prefer watching DVDs as a family? .. or would you prefer a night at the theatre? Australia is a wonderful place to live... jump in! Make the move! With two wages in your household, you'll survive.. you can simply work out the specifics as you go along (ie tailor your budget to suit where/how you live)

  5. you will be fine to live here your family gets more $ than mine and i have a two story House

  6. Where in Australia are you moving to? Sydney and Melbourne have a higher cost of living and property is expensive. But Adelaide has much more affordable houseing, and also needs doctors. Good luck with your move you won't regret it Australia is a great country.

  7. The cost of living in Australia depends to a degree on where you live. Sydney and melbourne are the most expensinve and for a family of 5 you are likely to be up for about around $35,000 to $45,000 per year.

    The other cities are cheaper and likely to be closer to $35,000. If your husband is a general practioner then a lot of country areas are screaming for doctors and offer packages that include a house and a salary between $120,000 to $150,000 per year. Work in the city can pay a similar amount but does not include a house. Average median house prices once again depend on where you choose to live. Again Sydney and Melbourne are the most expensive averaging around $500,000. Adelaide is around $380,000 as is Perth. Darwin is expensive and Brisbane is not too bad.

    Hope this helps :-)

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