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  1. If you are planning to move to Australian then complete the online visa assessment form from the official site of Australian visa bureau, after this their qualified consultants will call you in order to explain your options for moving to Australia permanently. For those planning to move to Australia, the routes for immigration are different and the type of visa will depend on your situation. Australian visa holders range from skilled migrants who are the part of the skilled independent visa or have some background knowledge in business.

    After receiving your Australian visa you will need to do few things when you will arrive in Australia, for instance: Apply for your TFN, it is your Tax File Number and you will required it necessarily in order to receive wages from your occupation or job in Australia. Enrolled with Medicare so that you will be able to receive basic medical expenses and have immediate access to health care services, including free public hospital care and subsidized treatment. Open your new bank account in Australian within six weeks of moving to Australia using your passport; it will help you in getting your salary, wages or government benefits paid directly into your account. If you spend more time in opening then it will take additional identification. If you want to sponsors your family then registers your details at Centre Link and received government guidance and help according to your skills, qualifications and Family Assistance payments, which will help you to raise your children.


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