Las Vegas locals: what are some of your favorite places to eat in Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas locals: what are some of your favorite places to eat in Las Vegas?




  1. in-n-out burgers the best burger around....sure wish i was there and had one now

  2. I don't live in Vegas but I've spent a bunch of time there, and one place off the strip that is great and definitely more "local" is Firefly, a tapas place just about a 5 minute drive off the strip.  As a plus, they're open really late.

    Also, a friend who lives in Vegas really used to like Z Tejas - it was a long time when I went so I can't vouch for its current quality or even its existence but she swore by that place.

  3. ***** last resort

    They have to be rude as a joke. Its so fun! they throw food and stuff. It is in the excalibur

  4. On/Near the Strip:

    Ellis Island BBQ & Brew - only open in the evenings, but the best ribs in town - about $12-$13 for a full rack with the trimmings and $1.50 for their microbrew draft.

    Gordon Biersch - good food, good microbrews as well

    A bit out of the way:

    Greek Bistro in Henderson (Sunset & Marks) - best Gyros I have found in town. I am sure everything else is great as well.

  5. Claim Jumpers

    Sushi Wa

    Green Valley Cafe and Buffet


    All of these are are in the Henderson area, about 10-15 minutes away from the strip = )

  6. Try the buffet at Texas Station for brunch sometime.  It's outstanding!

  7. Well, my fave is On The Border , Carino's , and Three Angry Wives!

  8. You can eat anywhere in Vegas. All my favorite places are the buffet's. I go to a different one everyday that I'm there.

  9. Hometown Buffet is what I have heard.    I have a Cousin who has children who live there in Las Vegas.

  10. Don't live there, but have friends there and visit all the time.  We love:

        Cozymel's - great mexican and south of the border food


        Bally's steakhouse - and their Sunday brunch is to die for

        Ka - asian fusion, really good.

  11. the Sahara club at Sahara blvd and the 93 hi way

    or at the EL Cortes down town the Show boat buffet.

      i love the gold spike restaurant downtown the Pie is the BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!    I am sure their are more places but those were my favorite when I lived their.. that was 13 years ago....

  12. Hofbräuhaus!!!!

    there is also this steak house in NYNY and its really good!

    Expensive, but good!

  13. The Draft House on Rancho is really good.  Be careful during football season.  It's a Packers Bar so they get really busy.

  14. For higher end fare I prefer Hugo's Cellar in the 4 queens.

    For more fun type food try the Cuban restaurant in the Howard Johnsons on the North end of the strip. Sounds odd but is amazing.

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