Is self sufficiency by growing your own veg?

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utilising wild food and doing without gas and electric at all possible ?? Has anyone here tried this for an experiment ??




  1. There are a few people that live like this, but there are not many places anymore where you can live like this.  I think growing your own food and trying to live where you don't need to drive is great, but what you suggest is not too practical if you have a job.  To pay for land to grow food and live on you need money, and for that you need a job and in the wilderness where are you going to work?  People can't live without electricity where I live because rules have been set up so that everyone has to have they're toilets hooked up to the sewer lines, it is better for the environment because before that rule people had outhouses and some of them just dumped them into the ground, yuck that is one problem with no electricity.

  2. In todays world I don't think living off the land is practical for most people. I am trying to become more self sufficient, but I"m not ready to remove myself from society.

    In my more practical approach, I don't have credit card debt, I have one vehicle paid off and am working on the other. I am about 8 years away from owning my home. I am installing solar panels and rainwater capture systems. I am converting a large part of my yard into a vegetable garden and am planting a few fruit trees.

    I don't think I'll ever be completely off the grid, but as energy and food prices change I'll feel less of an impact. If the economy gets much worse, we can live with a lot less income and be fine.

  3. yes its called the good life.

  4. Ok, here's what's on Offer:

    We are Technological so advanced that we can put this plan into reality in Fact Immediatly.

    All we need is Volunteers.

    1) Stop burning Fossile Fuels in fact Immediatly

    2) All Energy will be made from Water

    3) Foodproduction Everywhere in the World will be Organic

    4) We overproduce Organic Food so all Food will be Free

    5) A Global Ban on Weapons (starting with WMA)

    6) 3 months Holiday each year

    7) We use Solar powered pumps to pump Seawater into the desserts. There we let it sink and evaporate. This raises the Groundwater levels and initiates the broken Water Cicle.

    8) We regrow the Forest

    9) We regrow the Desserts

    10) We teach everyone to be self sustainable

    11) We make everyhing out of Hemp

    12) We eliminate money

    How does that sound?

    Would you be prepared to life in a peaceful Organic Society?

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