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i scored in the 74percentile. i am going into the air force and there were 4 other scores and they were: Mechanical 86, admin. 72, general 76, electronic 72. i'm not sure what i want to do. i want a job that will be exciting and interesting. i was looking at Intelligence Operations and also a few others in the general category like Explosive Ordanace Disposal, Tactical Air Comand and Control andSecurity Forces. which job is probably going to be the most exciting/interesting and which one would give me a good job after i get out of the Air Force?




  1. Each job has its ups and downs.  You have to look at what you like in life and decide from your own interests.  If you like shooting guns then security would be your best bet.  With that, you could get into law enforcement or the private security industry (there are a lot of companies that hire security).  If you want a thrill then EOD may be right for you (be prepared for the possibility of losing parts though).  If you want a decent job when you get out you can't go wrong with electronics.  The main point is no matter which job you choose, if your not interested in it now you probably won't develop that interest while working with it (but you may).  If there is something that your interested in now then look and see if you can find a job that involves that.

  2. Security Forces would be the only job you have listed as being interested that would give you a good job after the Air Force. If you think you'd like being stationed in Alaska in the middle of the winter walking guard in the middle of the night around the aircraft with nothing to stop the wind from the North Pole but your behind, remember that's a possiblity if you get into that job.

    Consider surgical service, air traffic control and

    biomedical equipment for good jobs after Air Force.

    Good Luck whatever you choose.

  3. Athough the military will set you up for a good future.....remember, most top jops in the civilian world require some sort of, 4 year college degrees.

    Think about what you want to do in your future, research that job and try to fulfill the requirments.

    example: FBI Agent.... They require degrees and special training in certain areas (intel, accounting...etc...) which means the military will be a great help, but it wont cut the bread..... You need more....

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