How to deal with cranky boss

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How to deal with cranky boss?

My boss is not nice to say the least and puts the employees in stress all the time. Can you provide some suggestions as to how to deal with her.

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  1. Tina Marshal

    When we receive a call from our boss, who is stressed and cranky,  communicates with hostility to be repeated once more, talks about report which took several weeks to do. And last but not least, always says that this is an urgent matter, demanding to postpone the remaining outstanding issues to have it completed as soon as possible. When do you need it by, will always be answered like this “I need it yesterday."

    The word ' work ' is derived from the Latin word ' tripalium ', an instrument of torture in the sixteenth century.

    You tell yourself, One more week, will have no choice but to put up with our boss and fulfill their excessive demands. As we all know, our existence is based on a monetary system. And this implies that we have to work to earn money to cover our costs of living. So some say, half in jest, but seriously, that” slavery has not been abolished, only now instead of controlled by a stick, it is controlled by payroll.

    To deal with a cranky boss is to make sure you understand what he does, what he wants and when he wants it.  Try to make sure, you have what he needs but only offer it to him when he wants it.  He wants to feel in control and he wants to make sure he motivates you by yelling at you.  Just give her what she wants to go find yourself a better job. 


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