How is the weather in buenos aires in may, june, june, august?

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which is the best month to go? (from the months above)




  1. May Max 18º c Min 8ºc  (Fahrenheit 65  - 47)  

    June Max 15º Min 6º  (Fahrenheit 59 - 43)  

    July Max 14º  Min 5º  (Fahrenheit 58 -  41)

    August Max 17º  Min 6º (Fahrenheit  62  43)

    Pack warm for winter

    Winter is fine if you don’t mind a little chill, but make sure you pack a coat, and maybe even a hat and gloves. It is also the perfect time of year to enjoy Buenos Aires café culture, safely warm inside enjoying your café con leche with medialunas (croissants) and indulging in some people watching. Also, it rains the least in winter here (an average of around 2 inches per month, compared to 4 inches per month in summer, usually in intermittent thunderstorms, and somewhere in between the two during spring and autumn).

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