French surnames?

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I'm writing a play and I found that I don't have a last name for two of my major characters and they are French, born in LeHavre. Their father was a well-off merchant.

I need to find a French surname that would fit with their first names.

So, to help some here's there names:



I've already found a few but I haven't found the one that fits.

Thank you all in advance.




  1. Archambault  


    Of course, you realize that neither Drake nor Erik are French names.

  2. Ledoyen

    Beaufort or Clément

  3. The given names Eric and Drake, do not have French origins and do not have French translations (that I could find).

    Try this site:

    Take a look at this site about French surnames. Maybe you could come up with one that fits into the storyline. There are some common ones at the bottom of the article.

  4. Drake Tressier

    Erik Michelak

  5. The problem is that Drake is an English name and Erik is Scandinavian. You might consider something with a "dit" name that indicates why they have foreign first names and French Drake d'Amberville dit l'Anglais and Erik Anderssen dit Dompierre

    PS there's a little humor in the first two answers that most people might not pick up on. But the Archambault and Tessier lines were two of the early families in the settling of Montreal. Jacques Archambault's 12 year old daughter, Marie, married Urbain Tessier dit Lavigne. The irony being that of all the French surnames in all the world, two completely unrelated anonymous people on this board picked two names so closely related not only to the history of Canada, but also related to each other in the last 400 years.
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