European referees to snub SFA's plea.

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European referees to snub SFA's plea. What was the reason of this action? Can someone tell me the details?




  1. OTHER referee associations around Europe are turning their back on Scotland as meetings held yesterday failed to avert the threatened strike by Scottish match officials. Amid all the problems over the refereeing of this weekend's games Scottish referee Craig Thomson sends off Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid for time wasting. Picture Getty. Iceland's referees confirmed that they would not cross any picket line to take the place of their striking colleagues this weekend, with Scottish football still set to come to a standstill unless replacements can be found. Sigurdur Thorleifsson, head of the referees' union in Iceland, had initially given his approval to the idea following a request from the Scottish Football Association, but the referees themselves unanimously voted against it. This stance is likely to be adopted by referees from other countries, who, in support of their colleagues, would not be receptive to an approach from the SFA.

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