Does it hurt...girls???...getting eyebrows done professionally?

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it hurt to get eyebrows done professionally??? im gettin mine done within this next week...does it hurt??..all the other times ive done mine, but does it hurt when another person does it?? how much did it cost you?




  1. it hurts even less than plucking, because the hair's all going at once. should cost less than 10 bucks. make sure you don't have anywhere to go, because the skin will be a little red :)

  2. yep not gonna lie 2 u it hurts like h**l....but since you have been doing it yourself for a while it may not be as bad, and mine were $10. also after you do it professionally for a while you will get used 2 it because im used 2 it now.  

  3. I got mine down at the salon after getting my haircut. It doesn't hurt a lot: those people know what they're doing. But make sure you don't have immediate plans - the skin looks embarassingly red for a little while! I would suggest it, because when you get them done only once, you have a template that all you have to do is maintain by plucking. Good luck!

  4. well its not that bad.

  5. $5



  6. it made my eyes water a little, and my skin was red around my eyebrow for an hour or so. it cost me $7.00

  7. it depends. it probably hurts a bit getting them waxed or threaded but i got mine idk, like razered i guess. they just used this stick with a sharp slanted end & razered off my eyebrow hair. it doesn't hurt at all :) and it cost 10 bucks

  8. Depending on where you are at it can cost anywhere between 5 and 15 dollars. I would say that the average cost in my area is 8 bucks.

    Its not the MOST painful that I have done but it is uncomfortable. The wax is warm and that part is pleasant but when someone is ripping your hair out of your face,that's when I get a little iffy.

    I have plucked and waxed for a long time. I prefer waxing, its easier and only hurts for about 20 minutes then you have 2 to 3 weeks of nice shaped brows.

    Once you get them waxed you could start tweezing the strays yourself, do this about 5 days afterward so you don't have to wax as often.

    I use the Sally Hansen at home waxing kit. The box is about 10 dollars and I get a ton of uses out of it. Its well worth the buy

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