Custom Show Clothes for horse shows?

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Im trying to find new show clothes for next year. i want tan chaps but i don't know what shirt i want to get, like colors and stuff. my horse is a sorrel quarter horse. what colors would go good with him??




  1. My horse is also sorrel and my colors I use on him are like reds, Light pinks, coppers, Browns, lime green and yellows.

  2. look at

    They have a color wheel that shows what colors look best with different color horses.

  3. daisey no go like a red shirt that sparkels with the old fashion big sis did that one year and i think it looked realy good.

  4. it depends if you are riding english or western.  if you are riding english then you really only have to worry about the hunt coat an the ratcatcher because the shirt is covered by the hunt coat.  i would say a nice pale blue shirt and any cool coat.

    for western bright colors.  reds and blues.  it depends what looks good on you because most anything will look good with a sorrel horse.

  5. are you showing english or western

  6. Most cool colors would look good with a sorrel horse. Blues, purples, greens, and similar colors are my suggestions. Maybe a jewel tone electric blue, mint green, or just a plain purple...

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