Common spanish phrases for traveling in South America?

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just looking for some common phrases that would be useful to have when traveling though SA thx




  1. Your local library probably has a wealth of information.Make sure the books, CD's or tapes are "Latin America"spanish and not "Spain" spanish. Copy everything you need into a cheap 8 1/2 X 11 sprial composition notebook from the dollar store or Wal-Mart. Also there are many language resources on the web...see example links below.

    You can also find "beginning" Spanish videos on

  2. ¡Barman! ¡Un Pepto Bismal solo!

    Bartender! A Pepto Bismal, straight up!

    Disculpa, guapa.  ÃƒÂ‚¿Quiseieras acompañme a una siesta?

    Excuse me, beautiful.  Would you join me for a siesta?

    Gracias, pero no necesito Chicles/muñecas/alfombras.

    Thanks, but I don't need any Chiclets/dolls/rugs.

  3. Phrases vary from country to country, not unlike English. Australians have a way of saying things differently from Irish or Canadians for example.

    If you are talking about basic Spanish phrases then most phrase books will help you with that.

    Buena suerte...

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