Chicago White Sox ex-hitting coach Greg Walker talks about last season’s campaign - MLB News

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Chicago White Sox ex-hitting coach Greg Walker talks about last season’s campaign - MLB News  
The Chicago White Sox ex-hitting coach Greg Walker is not happy with club’s last Major League season playing strategy as they lost too many games down the stretch.
Walker lately has appeared in the media and told reporters that the White Sox were disorganised on the field even from start of the season. They lost from average teams and did not show any fighting spirit. He added and explained that the Chicago White Sox could not play well last season as they were not united and played without any courage.                                              
Walker Said, "You can dissect it any way you want, blame it on whoever you want, but it was not a positive situation for anyone involved," Walker said. "We talked about it. There was a feeling in the clubhouse and the coaches’ office that we should have never been back for 2011."
He added, "When it gets off track like it did and you have more going on than the normal team, it’s too hard to overcome. The atmosphere the past few years reached the point where winning baseball could no longer be played, no matter which players were brought in."
Though he was present during the entire time when the White Sox were losing games but still he is blaming the experienced players. Looking at White Sox recent past, they always put stress on good pitchers. They never tried to bring some good hitters in the franchise.
Last season was the biggest example of the inclusion of bad hitters in the White Sox roster. They did not play well and just could not do the job they were hired for. Their opponent's pitchers rattled them badly causing damage to the White Sox and ultimately to their own game as well.
Greg Walker is not alone criticising the White Sox franchise, but many other experts also believe that certainly the hitters were not up to the mark and that is the only reason why the White Sox lost too many games. In the meanwhile, the new Major League season is approaching fast and if the White Sox want to achieve good results, they will be looking to play together as one unit to out-do every opponent.



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